Cross Connect Ukraine

Linking Ukrainian Refugees to Christian Hosts

What is the scheme about?

The Cross Connect Ukraine Linking Scheme is intended to help match and link evangelical Christians, whose hearts have been moved by the plight of Ukrainian refugees and are able to offer accommodation to Ukrainian individuals, families or groups looking for temporary shelter in a safe home in the UK or elsewhere. It is an initiative run jointly by European Mission Fellowship and Slavic Gospel Association.

We are inviting evangelical Christians, in the UK and other European countries, willing to offer accommodation for at least 6 months free of charge to Ukrainian refugees, to register with us with details of their accommodation. We are also inviting Ukrainians, individuals, families or groups, who are looking for temporary homes outside of Ukraine, to register with us, with details of their needs. These Ukrainians will, in most cases, not be known to us, but will have had some contact with our missionaries or partner churches. Then we will endeavour to match and link the host offering accommodation to the refugee looking for accommodation.

Some important considerations

Register as a host offering accommodation

If you are an evangelical Christian, willing to offer temporary accommodation to Ukrainian refugees, for a period of at least 6 months, please complete and submit this form to register with us. We will endeavour to match and link you to a refugee individual, family or group seeking shelter in your country, who have themselves registered with us through one of our network of partner churches. You will be given the option to elect to host only Christians, if you would like to restrict your offer.

  • If you are in the UK, you should first register with the government Homes for Ukraine scheme.
  • To register with the Cross Connect Ukraine scheme as a host, we need your registration to be supported by the leadership of your church. We would ask you to get their permission for us to contact them before submitting your registration.
  • Having linked you to a refugee individual, family or group, you would then need to help them to apply for any necessary visas and help them to arrange travel to your country.

Before you register with us, we strongly advise that you consider carefully the implications of hosting a refugee family. On our Hosting Refugees page, we've provided a number of links to organisations providing advice and support. Please review this before registering.

Register as a Host

Register as a Ukrainian looking for Accommodation

If you are a Ukrainian individual, family or group looking to find a temporary home outside of Ukraine, in the UK or other European country, register with us. We will endeavour to match and link you to an evangelical Christian person or family offering accommodation for free for at least 6 months. You do not need to be a Christian to register with us. Any Ukrainian refugee is welcome to register with us.

  • Having linked you to a host, they will then help you to apply for any necessary visas and help you to arrange travel to the destination country.
  • For the UK, you would then need to apply, along with your hosts, to the government Homes for Ukraine scheme. If successful, this would give you:
  • 3 years' right to remain in the UK.
  • Access to some social welfare benefits, access to healthcare and to schools.
  • The right to work in the UK.
Register as a refugee